Human implants:
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Experts in production of permanently implantable medical devices for human medical market.

We make implants for the whole body : hip, skull, knee, fingers, vertebral…




  • Total knee compartment implant / Uni knee compartment implant
  • Inner trabecular surface for osteointegration
  • Polished outer surface
  • Series / custom
Human knee prothesis
Human knee prothesis
hip stems

Stems, acetabular components


  • Primary / Revision
  • Solid / Porous
  • Satin / Mirror
  • Serial / Custom

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Part pelvis replacement

Acetabular bone loss is a challenging problem in revision total hip arthroplasty.
Customs strategy allows to fit the implant to the residual host bone, bypassing the bony deficiency and restoring hip biomechanics.

Pelvis part
Human fingers

Fingers Stems


  • Finger joints
  • Knuckle joints


  • Different models
  • Cone for neck fixation
  • Porous structure

Our custom made human implants

Spinal Cages

Custom spinal cage See more