Production of medical implants
and surgical instruments

Our mission: transform your proposal and design into the production while respecting all quality requirements for medical production and medical products.

Our target is to provide you with our technical expertise and implement the best manufacturing processes with respect requirement for clean space. Our team supports you in all stages of your project.
Nothing is impossible for you / Nothing is impossible to us.

3D MEDICAL is ISO 13485:2016 certified for its medical device quality and safety management.

The company
Serial production

Our serial productions

Spinal cages, screw, hips, surgical instruments, biometric sensors.…

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Implants for human

Implants for human

We design and manufacture serial and custom implants for the whole body from skull to toe.

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Implants for animals

Implants for animals

We provide custom-made implants and surgical instruments for animal medicine.

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Our fields of applications

hands & fingers implants


Hip & Pelvis

vertebral body implant

Vertebral body

Surgical instruments


knee, elbow & shoulder implants

Knee, Elbow & Shoulder

Shull & mandibul implants

Skull &

Whole body

The whole

Implants for horses & animals

Horses &

Examples of Implants

Prothèses de genoux
Prothèses de hanches
Spinal kit