New technologies can ensure an individual approach to patient’s needs and not only in the case of specific health complications.
Custom-made medical devices have lot of benefits for patient in terms of shortening surgical time, minimising possible surgical complications, shortening healing and postoperative care.

Final design is made in cooperation with surgeon according to his design or construction prescription.

Specific approach in case of custom made medical devices

  • Consideration all surgiceon requirments
  • Design adaptation according production and patient needs
  • Product risk analysis performing
  • Design for additive manufacturing
  • Production of approved model
  • Test of implant assembly and fixation on bio-model (based on patient DICOM data)
  • Final design approval by surgeon

Mandible Implant

Patient-specific mandible implant is designed on the patient’s skull-mandible anatomical model that is obtained from patient‘s CT scan images.


  • Porous surface
  • Solid surface
solid custom mandible
Cranial implant

Cranial Implant

  • Perfect anatomic fit
  • Different surface structure base on customer preferences
  • Fully filling a defect
  • Stable fixation and restore aesthetic cranial symmetry

Custom made spinal cage

  • Design specific for patient
  • Tailored to individual vertebra anatomy
  • Minimize risk for movement due to perfect fit
  • Porous structure for interbody fusion
  • Design with or without fixation screw
Custom spinal cage